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Somos una ingeniería especializada en la automatización de distintos procesos industriales, analizamos, estudiamos, proponemos, diseñamos y fabricamos soluciones a las necesidades de nuestros clientes. Nos especializamos en soldadura, robotica, adhesivado, vision artificial, etc

WIP Industrial Automation - Engineering

We are WIP Industrial Automation, a company specialized in automation for industrial processes.

We analyze, study, propose, design and manufacture solutions to the needs of our customers. We are specialized in welding , robotics , gluing and machine vision .

We work for the main TIER 1 in the automotive sector, as well as for some final manufacturers. Thus, we develop tailor-made projects for other industries such as prefabricated for construction, the household appliances manufacturing industry and the agri-food sector.

Our multisectoral experience of more than 21 years serves us to face market challenges with perspective and confidence. Our solutions are our best letter of introduction.

Our technical and human team is our best asset. Each member of this team is proud to belong to WIP as much as WIP is proud of each of its members.

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