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WIP has been developing and integrating dosing and adhesive application equipment for over 20 years. In the same way that we do with other technologies, we use equipment and market elements whenever possible. However, sometimes is necessary to develop or adapt technology to solve particular problems, and that is where WIP is able to make a difference, being able to solve complex problems in the adhesive process. We use top-tier manufacturers in the market such as Graco, RAMPF, Shonderhoff, Pomtava or SCA Schucker.

We complement the dosing applications with quality control systems. In the case of liquid adhesives we make an analysis of the applied bead, verifying its geometry and position. For this purpose, we use 2D artificial vision or a 3D profilometer for the most complex applications.


In recent years WIP has been working on the automation of adhesive tape dosing, double-sided adhesive tape application and general adhesive application processes , increasingly in demand in the industry. We have collaborated closely with 3M in the development of our dosing of double-sided adhesive tape, achieving industrial development level.

We have extensive experience in tape dosing solutions such as:

  • Robotized on CNC simple axis.
  • With liner peeling for immediate tape application
  • With straight cut and / or at different angles
    • Laser adhesive tape cutting
    • Knife adhesive tape cutting
  • With thermal isolated reel support

VHB tape adhesive line and clip insertionVHB adhesive tape gluing and clip insertion lineClip insertion headAdhesive - Automatic feeder of tempered VHB adhesive tapeVHB adhesive tape dosing stationAdhesive tape feed control system VHB tape dispensing robot and clip placing robotClip insertion head Automatic VHB adhesive tape feederSet of heads for VHB adhesive tape dosing


Specific equipment for industrial adhesives dosing and apllication, indistruial adhesives like:

  • Silicone and Polyurethane
  • Single and two-component Polyurethanes
  • Butyl
  • Grease
  • Thermic bounding
  • Silicone and Polyurethanes foams.
  • Hot melt
  • Other industrial adhesives, contact us if you have questions

Butyl Adhesive PumpTwo-component silicone adhesive pumping tandemStructural adhesive dosingDynamic head for applying silicone foamVessel for the automation of silicone foam applicationSilicone foam dispenserPumping set Two-component polyurethane application systemGluing -Structural adhesive regulation systemTwo-component adhesive dispenserComplete adhesive dosing kitThermal paste dosing valveGluing - Butyl adhesive pumping equipmentControl panel for applying structural adhesiveTwo-component silicone adhesive pumping tandemGluing - Thermal paste applicationGrease pumping tandemPumping set

We have a broad experience using commercial dosing systems, as well as custom made dosing systems, designed for specific needs of the gluing process.Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.