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Machine vision

Artificial vision is one of our strengths, over the years we have made multiple applications, some of the most notable could be the following:

Although in recent years the market offers commercial cameras and systems with greatly improved analysis capabilities, this has not always been the case. WIP has historically developed machine Vision software using simple elements, which has led us to have a very deep knowledge of this technology. Today, we develop only those applications that do not have a standard solution on the market, always after performing a detailed feasibility analysis.


Cabina de triangulacion laser apra tubos B58Camara 2D para control calidad de llama con Aplicacion basada en Belt picking Drilling in stringers quality control Discriminador con camara 2D de juntas en alimentador dinamico Emisor de analisis rendimiento en modulos fotovoltaicosControl de calidad de trompas de claxonControl de calidad de llama mediante Lentes telecentricas para control de calidad en ferritas toroidalesConjunto de captura para triangulacion laser en detalleCamara para triangulacion laser en inspeccion de cordones de masticoBelt picking para juntas de estanqueidad Cabina de inspeccion 3D de baldosas Triangulacion laser para analisis 3D de traviesas alta velocidadCabina de inspeccion 2D de tuercas en componentes para control de calidadRobot de carga para aplicacion basada en  Belt PickingMedicion de ferritas toroidales Vista general de la triangulacion laser para control de calidad de traviesas alta velocidadAplicacion basada en Bin PickingEscaner estereoscopico para analisis de grupos de escapeCabina de captura 3D por triangulacion laser Camara 2D para discriminar juntas de estanqueidadPantalla de aplicacion basada en belt picking

So, if the application you need has a standard market solution, we will propose it to you.

If your problem does not have a standard solution but it is possible to develop it, we will suggest possible solutions.

In any case, if the application that you propose to us is possible but does not have a totally secure solution, we will notify you clearly.